How does one actually write a bio. I have no idea. So here goes:

My name is Christine Eltherington and I am an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to photography. I really am my happiest behind the camera. Learning as I go and working on creating a style of my own. Nature Photography is so compelling in its complexity. Never still and never the same. My work is generally based around where I live but also takes me to experience nature throughout our world. It has taken some time to be able to produce images that I am satisfied with. “I am my greatest critic”.

I am an environmental photographer who likes to let nature do the work and I just take the pictures.

It would be lovely to hear from you regarding my images. Please contact me.

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I bought my first DLSR about five years ago. Canon EOS 5d Mk 11. With it came a stock lens 24-105mm. I then bought my favorite lens a Canon 100mm macro. Recently adding a 300mm and extension tube.

Inspirational Photographers:  Bartocha PhotographyHeike Odermatt, Bruno D'Amicos, Ben Hall, Misja Smit and Andrew George

Fantastic web site - Nature Blog